Recruiting and supporting Climate Leaders in Australian politics.

It’s time for a better kind of politics.
We are young people from every corner of Australia.

We might be too young to vote or run right now, but we need to have a say when our future is at stake. Will you help be our voice in parliament?

We have a long term goal of building a majority of Climate Leaders in all levels of government.

Thinking about running for office? Or thinking about one day thinking about running for office? We want to talk to you. We don’t care about your resume, your education level, or whether you’ve ever tweeted something stupid.

If you care about climate and your community, and if you’re willing to work hard, we think you’d be a great candidate and we want to help you.


We can’t do this alone. We need everyone working together to create a better kind of politics. If you can’t run, you can help another Climate Leader.


We need you to invest in our future. If you can’t run or volunteer, consider making a donation. If every Australian gave just $5 we’d have enough resources to run a Climate Leader in every seat.