We are young Australians who recruit and support Climate Leaders to run for political office. We have a long term goal of building a majority of Climate Leaders in all levels of government.
Our Vision
We believe in a safe climate and a better future — a just, prosperous, and equitable world built with the power of ordinary people.

To make this vision a reality we need strong political leaders: Climate Leaders.

We recruit, train and win elections for climate leaders  running for political office in Australia. We focus on candidates who will run as independents or for the major parties. Our ultimate goal is to build support across the political spectrum to enact visionary climate solution policies.

It’s time for a better kind of politics.

Why are we – young Australians under 18 – doing this?
We can’t run or vote ourselves and our politicians are failing us, so we need to find people who will stand up for us.

We’ll also use this opportunity to become Climate Leaders ourselves. We’ll constantly be on the lookout for prospective Climate Leaders who are under 18, but want to run one day. If they meet our criteria – just like everyone else – they’ll get access to the training courses and resources. We’ll connect these young people, our Future Climate Leaders, with current Climate Leaders. They’ll receive mentorship and learn the ropes of campaigning, how to connect with our communities and be a representative.

We can’t run or vote ourselves… yet. But we will soon. And when we turn 18, we’ll be the Climate Leaders we need.

What does our better future look like?
Imagine a world where everyone has access to clean air, water, food and energy. A world where our beaches, forests, rivers and mountains are full of life and preserved for everyone to enjoy. Imagine a society where safety and security are assured, where everyone has the basic rights and freedom to pursue their dreams. This is our vision, a vision for Climate Leaders.
Our Values
Justice and equity. All people are born equal in dignity and rights.
We embody this in our work by adhering to the principles of

  • Respect, safety and wellbeing for all.
  • Diversity and inclusivity.
  • Collaboration and cooperation – we work better together, both within our group and with other groups.

    Evidence based and strategic.

  • We use evidence and expert consensus to inform our goals, plans and policies.
  • We use strategic thinking and tools to focus our work on what is most effective.
  • We’re committed to our goals and will make short-term sacrifices in service of our long-term goals.

    Empowerment, and openness.

  • We are bold and empowered – we have big dreams and are not afraid to pursue them.
  • We empower our contributors and others to create change and make their own decisions.
  • We’re open and transparent. We copy, learn and share everything we know. We set knowledge free to empower other change makers.

    We embody these values and principles in all of our work. For more information, see our Code of Conduct.
  • Are you partisan or a political party?
    No. We are non-partisan and we are not a political party. But we are political. If you look up the Oxford dictionary definition of political you could replace it with “Climate Leaders”:

    (1) relating to the government or public affairs of a country,
    (1.1) Relating to the ideas or strategies of a particular party or group in politics,
    (1.2) Interested in or active in politics,
    (1.3) Motivated by a person’s beliefs or actions concerning politics.

    Our ultimate goal is to have Climate Leaders make up a majority of parliament and that means working with all politicians from all parties.

    What does having your support mean?
    For a candidate to have our support as a Climate Leader they need to meet our criteria and prove, in an interview with us, that they have what it takes. If they do, we’ll give them our support or tick of approval, and to have just that is pretty important – we are the future of Australia.
    But we know that’s not enough

    We’ll also team up with trainers, campaigners and mentors. We’ll give candidates the support they need to run. We’re developing partnerships with campaign groups and mentors around Australia. We don’t have all the details yet, and if you are a campaign professional who wants to help – sign up now!

    We’ve been inspired by groups doing similar things in the US. Ever since Donald Trump was elected President, a number of groups have popped up to recruit strong community focused candidates to run for office, to train them how, and to support and connect them to each other. We’re going to do the same.
    How do you work? How are a bunch of school students able to do all this?
    We young people are more connected and informed than ever before, which allows us to stay updated with scientific and social issues. Every single one of us can feel the impacts of climate change, and as future leaders we believe it’s time we take on that leadership role before it’s too late. We’re taking the reins of our own futures.

    We have a number of student volunteers who lead on various projects – media, promotion, tech tools, videos, recruitment, and organising. We have grown up with technology and use Slack, Facebook, Asana and more to support our work.

    We work with each other, and ask for support when we need it. We have supporters who have helped us form a company, for legal protection and resourcing. Our company rules include a Youth Advisory Committee – a committee of young people that advise on activities and plans. So we have protection and agency.

    How do you take care of the students who are part of Climate Leaders?
    We have built a strong and positive culture within Climate Leaders. We live our values of justice and equity, being evidence based and strategic, and of empowerment and openness.

    Our structure allows students to have a say, while still being protected and taken care of. Our Student Welfare policy is designed with our best interests at heart, and ensures that all student volunteers take care of themselves first. We have regular check ins to make sure everyone is coping with their volunteering and that it is not overwhelming other commitments. While students lead our work, our structure allows us to delegate a lot of the workload to our non-student supporters. And we have a strong culture and community that supports each other.

    All active volunteers who are over 18 are required to have a Working with Children check.

    So who is actually involved in the Youth Advisory Committee and company?
    Check out our founding members below!
    Aden Kenworthy
    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Tech wiz, fashion designer, and aspirational health professional/retail manager all in one. The best of all worlds.

    Aisheeya Huq
    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Social media maven, relationship manager extraordinaire, media talent. Driven and passionate, Aisheeya will win you over.

    Anthony James

    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Eloquent, intelligent and politically savvy. Anthony is a future Prime Minister. In fact, he could take the job now.

    Daniele Parker
    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Organiser extraordinaire, people person. Welcoming and understanding and makes you feel at home.

    Fatima Kidwai

    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Creative genius, photographer, videographer, spokesperson. On camera or off, Fama knows whats up.

    Jagveer Singh

    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    For the people, a leader and networker, one of the greatest political strategists in the country. Voice of an angel.

    Maiysha Moin

    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Writer, publicist, on camera talent. Maiysha is the whole package.

    Manjot Kaur

    Founding Youth Advisory Committee Member

    Facilitator, speaker, strategist with abundant energy. A driver of change, Manjot can do anything.

    Our student committee is available for photo shoots. If you are interested in booking our talent, email models@climateleaders.co



    Our student committee is empowered by a few supporters who manage the organisation, allowing the students to drive the important work.

    Christina McPhail

    Founding Supporter, Chair

    Christina is a strategist, social innovator, and entrepreneur by night. And a tree hugger, life lover, and zombie slayer by day. Results oriented like no other, and always down for a pop culture reference:

    “You mustn’t be afraid to dream a little bigger, darling.”

    Phoebe Howe

    Founding Supporter

    Phoebe is a mentor of mentors and master relationships builder. Always there to provide a guiding light and sage wisdom, Phoebe is your rock. And also as strong as one. Not to mention intelligent.

    She is a force of nature and a tireless fighter for good – always with a smile on her face.


    Chris Cooper
    Founding Supporter

    Chris is the best person to work with. Hands down. He has the wit, humour and strategic nous of William Shatner. That’s right. Shatner.

    Watch out people. He’s the full package.