We are young Australians who recruit and support Climate Leaders to run for political office. We have a long term goal of building a majority of Climate Leaders in all levels of government.
We might be too young to vote or to run ourselves – for now – but we are ready to speak up and take action for our climate. So we recruit people to run for office as Climate Leaders to represent us and our future – whether they want to run within a party or as an independent.

We’re always looking for help with our key activities below, and at times we will have special requests. If there are any special help requests you’ll find them here.

Whether you’re an expert in the field, or a school student, join us!

What we do and how we do it, the TL;DR version.

Promotion & Communication

We want everyone to know about Climate Leaders. We tweet about it, speak about it and promote it everywhere. We connect with partner groups who can recruit Climate Leaders from their members.

If you can help out with promotion, advertising, PR or communications – we want you!


Training & Support for Candidates

We connect our candidates to resources. Trainings, prospective funders, mentors, campaign staff and freelancers.

Do you have the experience and skills to help train or campaign for our candidates?

Sign up and tell us what you can offer, what you need to charge for your work, or whether you can volunteer your time.


People Power

We’re powered by volunteers. Young Australian volunteers run Climate Leaders, and adult supporters help us out.

We also connect our candidates with volunteers in their communities.

Getting Climate Leaders into office will take all of us working together, and – even if you have no campaigning or political experience – you may be the person that makes all the difference.

If you are a young Australian or an adult supporter and are ready to volunteer – we need you!

Sign up and tell us a little more about yourself and what you can do to help.