Donald Trump is president of the United States, so throw out everything you knew about politics. You’re qualified to run for office – we’re here to help.
If you care about a safe climate and better future, if you care about your community and are willing to work hard, we think you’d be a great candidate and we want to help you.

Meet our current Climate Leader candidates, sign up for a YOU SHOULD RUN webinar to learn what it’s like to run, or sign up to start your journey right now!




It’s time for a better kind of politics.
We are young Australians who want our politicians to stand up for our rights and a safe climate future. Right now our politicians aren’t acting or listening, and we’re not old enough to run or vote (yet), so we’re going to find real Climate Leaders who will.

We are non-partisan and our ultimate goal is to have Climate Leaders make up a majority of parliament. So whether you want to run as a candidate for a major party or as an independent, we want you.

When you sign up we’ll review your application and, if you sound like a good Climate Leader candidate, we’ll set up a one-one call to find out more. After that we’ll connect you with local groups of young Australians for an interview. Don’t worry – if you’re passionate about addressing climate and willing to work hard, you’ll pass with flying colours!

Our criteria for Climate Leaders is simple:

1. Is the candidate committed to appropriate climate action? For example:

a. Listens to climate scientists and experts, understands the scale of the issue and solutions available;

b. A minimum target of zero net emissions by 2045 (ideally 2035);

c. Understands the need for and is willing to enact a policy toolkit to achieve that target;

d. Understanding the underlying causes of climate change, and is willing to enact policy that will address them.

2. Is the candidate running in a seat that will have a big impact if a climate leader was voted into office?

3. Is this candidate a true representative of the people, one who could win an election? Some questions we may ask to determine this include:

a. Are they rooted in their community, or have a public profile?

b. Do they understand their community and what the community wants?

c. Are they compelling and interesting to talk to?

d. Does the candidate understand what an election campaign involves and are they willing to do the work?

Candidates who meet the first criteria may get access to some of our resources. Candidates that meet all three criteria, and are endorsed as a Climate Leader, will get access to resources, trainings, referrals, mentorship, and our Climate Leader community. Trust us: you’ll love it!


Not ready to run yourself but got a friend you think would be great? That’s okay. Sometimes people need a little nudge to get in motion.


Already a politician in office or running who meets our Climate Leader criteria?