Our Candidates

Zali Steggall



Zali is a mother, Olympian, lawyer, Order of Australia recipient and Manly local. She is running as a role model for women, and pledges to bring courage to Parliament, “Courage to have vision and to dare to set big goals, to stand up and demand better representation, leadership and action on climate change, the most pressing issue of our time.

Learn more at zalisteggall.com.au, or watch our interview with Zali to learn why she is a Climate Leader.

Oliver Yates



Oliver is a father, business leader, and a renewable energy investment expert having held roles such as CEO of the Clean Energy Finance Corporation. Oliver is “running because I’m concerned our current politicians lack the integrity, vision and leadership necessary to address the major challenges facing Australia – climate change, infrastructure, population growth and immigration.”

Learn more at oliveryates.com, or watch our interview with Oliver to learn why he is a Climate Leader.

Damien Cole


Damien is a community leader in Jan Juc. His broad experience – having traveled extensively and worked in a range of industries – gives him a keen sense of perspective and deeper appreciation of his beautiful backyard, the Great Ocean Road. Damien has been a key leader in the #fightforthebight to bring awareness to and protest drilling for oil in the Great Australian Bight off the South Coast of Australia. He also understands the importance of a strong community, and he is dedicated to serving as a representative of community voices.

Learn more at damiencole.id.au, or watch our interview with Damien to learn why he is a Climate Leader.

Dr. Kerryn Phelps, MP


Kerryn is a doctor, businesswoman, health communicator, public health and civil rights advocate, author and media commentator. In her professional life as a doctor, she has always taken a common sense approach to solving problems, and brings this approach to her role as a representative of the people. She ran for, and won, the Wentworth by-election in 2018 because it was time to stand up for issues like climate change, a humanitarian approach to refugees, human rights and equality.

Learn more at kerrynphelps.com.au, or watch our interview with Kerryn to learn why she is a Climate Leader.

Julia Banks, MP


Julia was elected in 2016 as the Member for Chisholm and in 2018 quit the Liberal Party to sit as an independent. Prior to entering Parliament Julia worked as a lawyer in both private practice and for large businesses in senior executive and director roles, whilst being involved in community work for charities and not-for-profit organisations. She understands the challenges of balancing home, children, work and community life, having raised two children with her husband whilst working full time. As a second generation Mornington Peninsula family, Julia’s longstanding connection with the local community underpin her love for the place she calls home and an “irreplaceable part of our lives.”

Learn more at juliabanks.com.au.

Alice Thompson


Alice lives near Pittwater bringing her young family up close to nature like she enjoyed as a child. She is a transport and urban expert with experience crossing all three levels of government and the corporate sector. She is constantly thinking about what isn’t working and how to make it better, and understands first hand that governing is hard. So she’s standing up to make it better. Alice knows from experience that she is more effective driving change from within government than complaining from the outside.

Learn more at alicethompson.com.au, or watch our interview with Alice to learn why she is a Climate Leader.

Tim Hollo


Living in the inner north and with his kids at the local school, Tim is a community activist, environmentalist, political strategist and musician who currently works as the Executive Director of the Green Institute. He’s spent 20 years working with people across the community – in neighbourhood groups, NGOs, business, and as a senior parliamentary adviser – to help build a world where we live in harmony with each other and the natural world we are part of.

Learn more at Tim Hollo, Greens candidate for Canberra, or watch our interview with Tim to learn why he is a Climate Leader.

Jordon Steele-John

Senator for Western Australia

Jordon is Australia’s Youngest Senator to be elected at only 24 years old and our first Climate Leader in the Senate! Jordon is a massive climate change and disability rights activist, and is not afraid to speak his opinion! He lives in Rockingham, Western Australia and loves to speak to the local community members. Jordon agrees that our politicians need to do something to stop climate change, and is glad to be leading the fight.

Learn more at Jordon Steele-John, Greens Senator for WA or read our interview with Jordon to learn why he is a Climate Leader.

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